Monday, May 4, 2009

IGGLY BIGGLY--Your Flipflop Affiliate Business


If you're like me, you are trying to find a real business, and one has just been PRE-LAUNCHED where you have time to get involved at the start. The name is IGGLY BIGGLY. Its all about flipflops in a bag, created by Lisa Middleton, a celebrity who has already sold a line of designer clothes until her shipping warehouse was lost in a tornado in Denver.

She has just just gotten ready to launch on the internet and wants distributors to join her affiliate program. Lisa had gone overseas to check out why they were so successful with their affiliate program and wanting to help because so many families had been hit hard with the job market.

IGGLY BIGGLY is different because they have several flipflops in a bag and what teenager going to high school or college does not own flipflops. Think about it! This is so easy - YOU WILL OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Please take a look at the website below.